The journalist Florence Hartmann, a former correspondent for Le Monde, has actually been imprisoned at the war crimes tribunal in The Hague, the body established to attempt the criminals she dedicated her life to exposing. She was arrested ahead of the verdict bide far too former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karad ic.

Hartmann`s attorney stated she was being held in seclusion, a circumstance that will last up until a minimum of Tuesday because of the Easter holiday.

The outrageous thing was to see the UN and Dutch authorities kick away women from Srebrenica and survivors from the camps who were trying to protect me from arrest, after all they`ve been through.

Hartmann was convicted of contempt of court in 2009 for revealing in a book that the tribunal had actually withheld important information on the Srebrenica massacre of 1995 from the neighboring global court of justice. The conviction was later supported on appeal.

She was initially fined 7,000; however that sentence was later transformed to 7 days in jail after the tribunal claimed the fine had actually not been paid. In December 2011, France refused a request to extradite her.

Hartmann was approached by UN authorities on a grassy location outside the tribunal on Thursday, where survivors of the war in Bosnia and victims’ families had gathered to wait for the decision on the previous Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karad ic. The demonstrators attempted to close ranks around her to avoid her being apprehended, however later authorities handled to separate her, bring her into the tribunal building and drag her through the lobby as she yelled demonstrations versus her treatment.

After working for Le Monde in Bosnia, Hartmann served at the tribunal as spokesperson for an adviser to its district attorney`s office. In her 2007 book, Paix et ch timent (Peace and Punishment), she exposed that files that proved Serbian complicity in the Srebrenica massacre had actually been sealed by the tribunal.

Hartmann, who did not expose the contents of the files, insisted that those who had survived or were dispossessed by the massacre can know of the tribunal s decision to keep them secret.

Her lawyer, Gu na l Mettraux, described her circumstance as a disgrace on Friday. Florence remains in solitary isolation, entirely segregated on exactly what is called suicide watch, which in practice suggests that the light is on 24 hours a day and she is checked on every 15 minutes.

, one of which looked for to have her approved early release no later on than two-thirds of her sentence, as has actually been accorded to war wrongdoers founded guilty by the courts in The Hague and Rwanda. I`ve asked for the exact same to be done for a reporter, and this would suggest her being launched on Tuesday.

However the issue is that there is literally nobody at the detention system who can address my inquiries, and my application will not be addressed up until after the Easter break. I asked to talk to the commander, and they informed me he was away, I suppose on vacation. When I asked to speak to someone about conditions of detention, they informed me to call back on Tuesday.

While this might help accelerate things, I am deeply concerned that this would avoid the public from understanding of the conditions of her detention. A reporter is being apprehended in conditions isolation, segregation, suicide watch that was supposed to have actually been developed for war criminals.

Hartmann`s son, St phane, stated: She had the check out of the French consul in the Netherlands on Friday it sounded more like a courtesy check out. Nothing much done other than bringing magazines and some chocolate, which she was unable to keep as it was food. Anyway this was a good gesture to see her, but nothing done.

Bear in mind that so-called justice takes holidays, therefore even Monday will be off! We are now in the weekend; therefore, my mother will need to rot in prison all this time. However the little justice that we can bring is to share this story.

The tribunal`s representative Nenad Golcevski told the Observer on Sunday that her lawyer`s grievance at the conditions of detention had actually been refused by the President, Theodore Meron. She is not in solitary confinement, however she is obviously separated from the male detainees, he stated.

Mr Golcevski said that Ms. Hartmann is able to turn off the light in her cell, but her lawyer mentioned that this is viewed as a suicide alert, and a warden immediately enters if she does. Asked why the tribunal was apprehending a journalist in cells paid for to keep war criminals, Mr Golcevski stated: I am not able to talk about the choices of the tribunal liberally.

Andrew Begg, the legal officer for the UN system for global criminal tribunals the administrative body for the Hague tribunal said Hartmann`s situation went through the rules of detention and I would refer you to the spokesperson. At the time of publication, the representative for the tribunal had not reacted to a demand for remark.

There was no reply from the UN press office in New York.

In a declaration on its site, the UN system said Hartmann had actually been apprehended on an outstanding arrest warrant released in November 2011 by the appeals chamber of the worldwide criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.